Chocolate Surprise Game

Preparation: 'The Chocolate Surprise Game' is a great fun game to play at an informal dinner party or get-together with friends. It works best with young people or couples.

First of all, I must warn you that this game can get a bit messy for a dinner party, so it's NOT a good idea if you are all wearing your best clothes! All you need for this game is a box of chocolates or a bar of chocolate and an aerosol can of whipped cream, yum yum!

How to Play
Chocolate Surprise Game

To play: Ask everyone if they like chocolate (of course everyone does). Place a bowl in front of each guest with a chocolate or piece of chocolate placed in the centre of it.

You explain that the object of the game is to eat the chocolate without using their hands in any way. Looks a doddle right? Wrong! Just before the start you go around the table and fill each bowl with whipped cream from the can, which you have kept concealed up until this point. This is the surprise bit! This normally causes much laughter and false protests from your guests.

The first person to eat their chocolate is the winner. You could even go to a second round or play off if you want to! (Ummmm! Cream and chocolate, it doesn't get any better than this!)

The winner could win a prize! Maybe the rest of the chocolates. Or the last person to finish has to pay a forfeit. Maybe they have to lick the cream from off the winners face, or whatever you decide would be good fun for your guests. Enjoy!

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