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Good fun enjoyable games that you and your guests can play at the dinner table are few and far between. Here are a few of my all-time favourites for you and your guests to enjoy together.

All the ideas below are easy and straightforward to follow. So, if you are looking for something to suit all ages, or for some interesting and entertaining things for adults to do at the table while enjoying a meal, then you will find just what you want right here.

It's well worth making a little effort in my experience to include a few good entertaining ideas into your function or get together to transform your evening into a night to remember.

Favourite Fun Games

Snap the Parcel: This is fantastic to play at the end of an evening after all the dishes have been cleared away, or even in between courses. It's a combination of 'Snap' and 'Pass the Parcel'. It's really great at Christmas time, but any time is a good one. It will take a little preparation time, but I can guarantee it is well worth making the effort.

Memory Game: This is a very easy and quick one to play that can involve people of all ages from young to old. This one is great for family get togethers. No preparation time required whatsoever. All you need is to be able to remember stuff.

Chocolate Surprise: This one is a very messy one indeed! Lots of fun, laughter, and mayhem to be had with friends. Great for student parties or informal get-togethers for young people. Hardly any preparation required beforehand. May I wish you the best of luck with the cleaning up when your guests have gone home!

Hidden Messages: Nice, light, enjoyable and entertaining. This will liven up conversation at the dinner table over the entire evening. It can go on in the background while everyone enjoys the rest of your dinner party. It can also be played at the same time as you and your guests are enjoying a meal together or if you like, whilst milling around with drinks beforehand. Can be played any time, any place, any where! - Just like a martini!

Teddy Bears Picnic: One for the grown ups. A good laugh is guaranteed to be had playing this. It's not so much a game as a sort of prank, but well worth trying out on your unsuspecting friends. The only thing you will need is a teddy bear. Aaah! Isn't Teddy just as cute as can be!

The Measles Game: Spot on fun for all ages, that can be played sitting down or standing up. Can be used just as an ice breaker or if you like can be played right through the entire dinner party. All you require are a few sheets of red spot stickers and some name label tags for you and your guests to wear.

Thumbs: This is really quick and off the cuff to play at the dinner table. No preparation time required whatsoever! Nothing to prepare at all! Just jump straight in. I'll give this one the thumbs up!

Who am I? Good family fun for all ages. No preparation required! Ideal for after a family dinner party. This one is best played seated at the dinner table after the meal is over. Lots of fun and laughs to be had trying to guess who you are!

Something Different

All of the above are free and easy to set up and play. However, if you like high quality traditional board and out door type games and puzzles you might want to take a look at Jaques of London who are the oldest manufacturers of that sort of thing in the world Estd in 1795.

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