Our Favourite Websites

There are millions of recipes and websites out there to choose from. So how do you avoid spending hours and hours wading through sites that are not up to much, cluttered, confusing and difficult to use?

Well you could Google "Top recipe websites" and that's the obvious thing to try. I would recommend that you do that. However, most of the sites listed are ones the search engines rank most visited. In my opinion it's better to take a look at the ones individual visitors recommend from personal experience instead.

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of sites you're confronted with when looking for inspiration, take a look at just some of the ones we use and like the best.

Below I have listed just a few of our personal favourites for you to take a look at and get you started. All the sites are top notch in our opinion and are listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

Recipes That Inspire!

All Recipes: A great all round site that encompasses a huge selection of meals to cook and enjoy. Tips on cooking, along with videos of "How to do it". Also many good reviews by cooks from all walks of life. This site may not have "All the Recipes" but they seem to have most of them!

Bon appetite: Another good all round site with good ideas, cooking tips, great meals and ingredients. Lots to choose from here, including guides to restaurants, entertaining and culture. If you want a bit more than just how to cook great food for inspiration, this is the one for you.

Epicurious:  We like this site a lot! Easy to use with loads of content. The Home page is simple and easy to use with everything the cook could possibly want all in one place. Fab meals, advice, videos, etc, the list goes on and on. One of the very best we think!

Nigella Lawson: Everyone knows Nigella Lawson. Not only is she one of the best known TV chefs in the world, but her dishes simply speak for themselves. This knock out site is packed full to the brim with almost everything you could possibly want. Simply great. Go Nigella!

Waitrose: The official site, full of mouth watering dishes and ideas. We use this site quite a lot. It's easy to use and find your way around. It's packed full with useful information, good ideas and inspiration, no nonsense advice and good reviews.

Jamie Oliver: Official website. This site is very popular with the men! Fantastic, rustic, quality, simple no fuss cooking that anyone can have a go at, even if you're not that confident at cooking. This is comfort food at it's best. Quick easy recipes that won't break the bank. Loads to choose from, with lots of variety from barbeques to Sunday Roasts. We like the Jamie approach to cooking. It's simple, easy, and no fuss, with bags of flavour. Come on, just get stuck in and have a go! "Lovely Jubbly".

Delia Smith: The Queen of Cooks! More quality dishes than you can shake a knife and fork at! Everything all in the one place. If you can't find something you like here you're not going to find it anywhere. The saying "It's a Delia" has now become part of the English language and can be heard quoted at many a dinner party! This lady really knows her onions!

BBC Good Food: This site has over seven thousand tried and tested dishes (not all by me-not YET anyway!). Tons of content, easy to use and navigate your way around. Lots of "how to" tips, healthy eating etc. In fact it's got the lot, and a bit more on top. Just dive in and take a look. This is the Beeb at it's best!

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