Romantic Surroundings
Some Do's and Don'ts!

When it comes to romantic surroundings, the first thing to consider is what kind of suitable space you have available in you home. Is it best suited to a full on table setting in your dining room, or would your home be more comfortable accommodating a more informal buffet style of presentation in your living room.

Or maybe even bathroom or bedroom (but only if you're sure). If you have all these options open to you, simply go with the one or ones you think your date or partner would like the most.

Romantic Surroundings
Getting Started

Before you really get started with your romantic surroundings you may have a few chores to do first. Ensure everywhere is clean, tidy and uncluttered - for all you guys out there that includes the loo too! 

Put clean fluffy towels out, along with fresh bed linen. Don't forget to put out a spare loo roll as well. 

When it comes to the cleaning (yes I know it's boring) paying attention to the small things makes a big difference! Honest!

It's also important to make sure your date isn't distracted by a shortage of time. 

So try to plan around their work times and any other responsibilities you know they may have. You don't want them to be clock watching!

The Mobile Phone Problem!

Everyone these days is addicted to their mobile phones, but make sure yours is turned off, or at the very least put on to silent mode if you simply can't cope with "off".

You might want to do this in front of your date, saying something like "I want to give you my full attention and don't want any interruptions". This helps to let them know that they are the most important person tonight.

Hopefully, they will reciprocate!  Believe me, sending or receiving texts is a real passion killer and will only irritate your date!

Create Your
Romantic S

Now you can begin to use your imagination in preparing your romantic  surroundings. 

Subdued lighting and unscented candles are a must (scented ones can be unpleasant when eating) in making the most of your romantic surroundings. Along with the right mood music playing in the background at just the right volume. Choose something that won't distract from conversation. 

Whatever they like to drink, make sure you have some of it chilling in the fridge. A nice prosecco isn't too expensive! Or Champagne if you really want to push the boat out.

If you and your partner or date are living together, try moving some of the furniture around to create a sense of something new and exciting about to happen. Obviously, don't do this together, try and do it before they arrive, otherwise it's a bit pointless.

After your meal is over there is nothing more romantic than to both sit in front of a roaring fire (if you have one that is).

This could become an almost magical place, with the hearth filled with candles, and firelight reflecting off each other's faces and light flickering around the room.  

A clean, warm, cosy and safe environment is what you are trying to achieve in order to make the most of your romantic surroundings.

Try Not to Over Do it!

In my opinion it's best to keep things sensible, respectful and grown up!  Trying not to go too much over the top, as this can be perceived as being too needy, or worse, weird or even a bit scary!  These are not qualities that are very attractive! 

The sort of things I'm talking about for instance are such things as, leaving little love notes literally every were (one or two are fine) or filling a room with flowers and teddy bears. 

One single rose can say more than five dozen.  Less is definitely more and can also give you more options and flexibility in the way that your romantic evening may progress. 

Prepare and enjoy yourself! If you think ahead and prepare properly you will have a truly romantic time together.

Romance is subtle and caring but not pushy. It's all about attracting the other person to you and not reaching for something or someone. If you reach too much you will only push them away!  Understated, relaxed yet confident is the key in my experience to attraction and seduction. Enjoy!

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