Play Snap Parcel Game

Preparation : To play the 'Snap Parcel Game' gather together a number of small cheap but nifty gifts along with some booby prizes.

Ideas for nifty gifts - e.g. Chocolate, comb, miniature whisky, packet of polo's, a bottle opener, compact, key ring, the more gifts the better. Then wrap some or all of them up separately in colourful wrapping paper.

Ideas for booby prize - e.g. a broken pen, an empty coke can, a diary for last year, one glove or a used tea bag etc. etc. wrap these up as well.

The only other things you will need to play are two packs of playing cards and the ability to have a good laugh.

You could if you wanted to, ask each of your guests to bring along a nifty gift or booby prize for inclusion in the snap parcel game and get them to wrap it up before they arrive (this can save you a bit of time wrapping things up). If you do get them to bring something along, don't tell them what the game is, this all adds to the fun.

How to play Snap Parcel Game

To play. First pile all of the parcels in a big heap in the middle of the table, its impressive if you tip them all out onto the table from a large bag or box all in one go. This looks great and you can feel the sense of anticipation build as your guests wonder what's going to happen next.

Explain that you are the game master and how the game is going to work. Take one of the packs of cards and deal them out to your guests face down, but don't deal any cards to yourself. Now take the other deck and give it a shuffle. Then deal off one card placing it face up in front of yourself for all to see as you name that card out loud.

As you call out the card, the guest with the corresponding card shouts 'SNAP' as they place their card down on the table face up. Then they get to choose a gift, this is where the fun really starts.

They can unwrap it if they want or they can choose to leave it wrapped. They are also allowed to take someone else's gift instead of one from off the pile in the middle if they want to. Or they can choose to give someone else a gift from their own pile that they have previously won, or even better, one from another guest's pile to someone else. I love this snap parcel game.

Finally, when all the cards have gone each person gets to keep their presents. If any items are left in the centre of the table at the end of the game (which is unlikely) you can all cut the cards in turn and the highest card gets to win another present from the pile.

This game can be really great fun, but it works best if you keep the pace of the game going along fairly swiftly. Enjoy!

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