Teddy Bears Picnic Game

Preparation: None. All you need to play "Teddy Bears Picnic" is a cute cuddly teddy bear or other soft toy resembling the general shape of a human (make sure teddy bear is clean). You are going to love this one!

Teddy Bears Picnic Game

The big surprise with this game is that it's not really a game at all. It's just for laughs, but your guests don't know that yet. You have to pretend it's a game and fool them into a false sense of security.

It can only really be done once, because when people know what's going on it doesn't work. The upside is that when you do it for the first time it's a real blast. It's best saved until everyone has had a few drinks before you start.

To start off Give the first person the toy teddy bear. You then ask the first guest to kiss the teddy bear somewhere on it's body and then to pass it on to the next guest who does the same sort of thing. This causes quite a few laughs as inevitably the teddy bear gets kissed in some very naughty places indeed!

When everyone has had their turn at abusing poor little ted you tell everyone to turn to the person on their left or right and kiss them in the same places as they kissed the teddy bear.

Whether your guests actually do this is up to them, but it's guaranteed to raise the roof with shrieks of laughter and set the table in uproar!!!

This gag works great if all your guests know each other very well, but maybe not one to do if you have invited your new boss around for dinner!

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