The Measles Game

Preparation: Hardly any. All you need to play The Measles Game is a few sheets of red spot stickers, some name tags and thats it! Nice to play with family and friends whatever your age is.

How to Play
The Measles Game

To Play: To begin everyone is given a label with a made-up name written on it (that they wear throughout the party) i.e. Brad Pitt, King Kong, Prince Charles etc, you get the idea, any name you like really. It's quite good to try and theme it in some way if you can. For instance, if your friends are all into films you could give every one a film stars name.

Everyone has to adopt their made up name for the evening and NOT use their own, or anyone else's real name. If anyone uses their own or someone else's real name and someone notices they have to shout out 'Measles'.

The person who said the name has to receive a red spot sticker on their face. This game is a lot harder than you might think it is, particularly if you know everyone really well. Good fun to be had by all.

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