Romantic Evening

Planning a valentine dinner, romantic evening meal for two, or a special dinner party for just you and your date or partner can be just as exciting as it can be daunting. 

After all, getting it just right could make a huge difference to your relationship going forward in the way you would like it to. But why wait for February the 14th ?  Any time is a good time when it comes to romance.

Springing a big surprise evening on your date or valentine has the potential to go drastically wrong.

So be warned!  Your date or partner won't be at their best and you will have just denied them the opportunity to get dressed up and properly prepared for you. Best to avoid the "Big Surprise".

With the "Big Surprise" it's more likely you will be interrupted by something unforeseen such as your date being delayed for some reason, or unexpected visitors showing up or such like.

It's far better to agree a time and place between yourselves in order to try and head off any possible interruptions beforehand. However, if you know that your date is really into surprise's then of course go for it!

Planning Your Valentine
Romantic Evening 

Assuming your invitation is accepted, the most important thing now is not to fixate on any perceived outcome that you would like to happen. Forget all that for now. 

Just relax and concentrate on how you think you could make your valentine, date or partner feel relaxed and happy with what you plan to do. Always keeping them, and what you think they would like in mind all the time.

Plan your romantic evening in such a way so as to ensure they feel at ease and relaxed with the surroundings, the things you plan to do, and the way you plan to act towards them. These are probably the three primary things that will ensure an enjoyable evening for both of you, regardless of how good or bad your cooking skills may be!

Make Your Date Feel Comfortable

There are really only two types of valentine dates or romantic evenings. There's the one where you both go out to a restaurant or place where other people are going to be present, and there's the one which takes place in private.

This is usually in your home or may be a hotel suite or bedroom after a romantic night out. We are mainly concerned here with the one that takes place in private.

Don't forget, that for your date, you are the main attraction.  You are far more important than your menu. 

If things go well you may find Yourself on the menu as well, so don't drink too much, just in case!

Even if your cooking doesn't turn out very well, the fact you have put in so much care and effort for them is bound to be appreciated.

In the end of the day it doesn't really matter how much hard work and effort you put into the menu, romantic surroundings, lighting, smooth background music, or anything else for that matter if you forget the most important thing and that thing is you!

Importance of Thinking Ahead

Allow yourself plenty of time to spend on your personal presentation and hygiene and decide well in advance what you plan to wear etc.

Try to think what your date or valentine would most like to see you dressed in, or almost in! use your good judgement though, only do what you think is most appropriate.

When it comes to your valentine menu, choose dishes that are simple and easy to do.  Prepare in advance as much as possible. 

You want to spend as little time in the kitchen as you can on the night.  Whatever you decide to cook it's a great idea to finish off with a gorgeous dessert of some kind. 

Then maybe later coffee or drinks in front of the fire. This is where your romantic evening could really take off!  But before you can even begin to think about that, you need to get your Romantic Surroundings sorted out first.

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