When to Hold Your
Dinner Party!

When to hold your dinner party! Simply keep who your guests are in mind. What kind of people are they? Are they young, older or a mixture of ages? Are they single or couples? Are they all late night party lovers or more likely to enjoy a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and some stimulating conversation?

If your guests are all students, for instance, a later start time may be acceptable. If your guests are more mature or if young children are coming along, an early start would be more appropriate.

Remember the later your start time the later you will finish. So anyone going to work or having to get up early the next day won't appreciate sitting down to eat at 10 p.m. and then having to dash off home.

Weekends and Holiday times such as Christmas, Easter and Bank holidays are a great time to hold a dinner party as most people are not thinking about having to leave too early.

When Getting Together With Friends
To Plan Your Holiday Away

Another good time to hold a dinner party, is when you are away on holiday with a group of friends or family members.

If you are staying in an apartment or have hired a cottage with friends, then a really great time can be had if everyone contributes to the dinner party.

Arrangements can be made beforehand as to who is going to do and bring what i.e. who cooks? who brings what and how it's all going to work?

Don't forget to enquire when booking your holiday what the kitchen is like.

Is it well equipped? Do you need to take any equipment with you? 

Getting together with your friends a few weeks before you go away to make arrangements can be a really fun evening in itself. This can ramp up the excitement and anticipation of your holiday together.  

Getting Organised

If you do suggest this idea to your friends and they are enthusiastic to go ahead, then they will look to you to organise and chair the strategy meeting. You need to be prepared to instigate this, so think it through beforehand as to who you think might be best suited to take on certain tasks.

It's a good idea to have a list ready as a guide to get things moving. Suggest your ideas to the group and let people chip in and volunteer to do things.

Make a note of who is going to do what and do a recap at the end of the night to remind everyone who is actually responsible for doing what. Whatever you do don't be pushy or bossy, go with the flow!

Hopefully your friends will come up with some good ideas as well, so be relaxed and flexible about everything and you will all have a wonderful time.

It might seem like a lot of trouble to go to, but in my experience it's so much more fun and entertaining than going out to a restaurant! But hey! If you're on your hols you could do that as well! Enjoy!

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