Who am I Game

A good fun game!  Ideal for 6 to 8 players of any age.  The "Who am I Game" is best played at the dinner table after your meal is over and the dishes cleared away.  This game has been around for many years but never fails to deliver bags of laughs.

Preparation None: All you require is a pen, some bits of paper and some sticky tape or post-it notes.

Who am I Game Rules

First of all before the game gets started hand out a small piece of paper to each of the players. 

Each person secretly writes down on their paper the name of a film star or famous person that they think everyone will more than likely know of.  When this has been done each person then takes their piece of paper and sticks it onto the forehead of the person sitting on their left.  This means that everyone can see the secret name except for them.

You now take it in turns to ask one question of each player in the group, that can only be answered with a yes or no answer.  Such as "Am I male or female?" or " Do I appear on t.v.?" or "Am I a cartoon character?" or "Am I  dead or alive?"  You get the idea!

As it goes around the table it doesn't take long before you get an idea of who you might be.

When it comes to your turn you can either ask a question or take a guess at who you think might be.  If after a while you get stuck you can opt to ask the group for a clue instead.  But it's best if you don't make the clue too obvious.

After someone guess's who they are you may want to choose to either, start a new game, or continue on until everyone has discovered who they are, with each person dropping out as they guess correctly.

The nice thing about this game is that you can change the rules a bit to suit yourselves, or you can theme the subjects of the games to the interests of the group. This is a game that's very easy to play and great fun.  Even small children pick this up really quickly! 

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